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Butler County - Butler/Armstrong/Indiana/Beaver/Lawrence Collaborative

Contact Information

Amy Badger-Witenski,

Communications & Meeting Structures

Items to be communicated are done via email distribution lists and SC communication with families.  Next calendar year we will begin to utilize the county website for information dissemination and virtual newsletter. Meetings have not occurred during the COVID pandemic.

Goals, next steps or actions plans

The new Butler County Family Liaison just started and will be working one day a week.  This position will become fulltime no later than January of 2022.  The FL will assist in development of a collaborative recreational project with the YMCA, SRU intern and other key stakeholders. Next Calendar year looking at starting up our family support group meetings.  Begin a self-advocacy group. Recreational opportunities for individuals and families will be planned for networking. Would like to collaborate with local colleges. Speak with local college classrooms, with the intent of developing some classes for our individuals to work on reading, math, and money management skills utilizing the new college space in town. To meet with local high school Best Buddie Programs about supporting our individuals with recreational outings or events that are being planned. Connect with the HCQU about current programs that they are running and being able to collaborate/share that information, along with other compiled resources with families that we are serving.

AE/SCO/Provider/DHS/Broad Community Partners Represented within Collaborative:

We will be revisiting the composition of our collaborative next calendar year.