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Fayette County - Fayette Collaborative

Contact Information

Amy Wasko, Program Specialist,

Website/social media links

Planned events - Hopefully via a Parent Facebook group in the coming months

Communication and Meetings Structure

We will be utilizing Zoom for future meetings, as we are operating remotely for the vast majority of our time.

Goals, next steps or actions plans

Our conference/event scheduled for April 2019 was cancelled due to COVID. We attempted to schedule this event virtually over the summer months. Due to low interest, the event was cancelled. Our Facebook group development and implementation had been delayed, but we will be looking to implement that in the coming months. Our vision is to include the resources from our virtual event into our Facebook group through live sessions, polls, event sharing, etc.

AE/SCO/Provider/DHS/Broad Community Partners Represented within Collaborative:

AE, SCO, EI, Mental Health, HealthChoices, Community Action, Chestnut Ridge Counseling Services, Inc., ID provider staff - will be reaching out to various agencies/resources this FY.