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Carbon-Monroe-Pike's Regional Collaborative utilizes the Carbon-Monroe-Pike Mental Health and Developmental Services Facebook page to post information and upcoming events.  We also post events on our external website:

Carbon/Monroe/Pike Collaborative Contact

Kristy Trautman, AE,

Communication and Meeting Structure

CMP's Regional Collaborative generally meets quarterly.  Our Collaborative will meet more often when we are in the process of planning community events.  During our meetings we discuss ways to support families, brainstorm ideas for community events, discuss Charting the LifeCourse Tools, and focus on our identified innovation area. 

Goals, next steps or actions plans

This past year our collaborative focused on surveying families and individuals to gain a better understanding of what our community members are looking for.  Through these surveys we identified that individuals and families are looking for social activities where they have the opportunity to make friends.  As our collaborative moves forward we would like to continue to offer exciting events for our community members. Our collaborative is currently planning an art contest and a dance which will be held in April, 2020.  In addition to hosting events, we will continue to focus on the SC Area of Innovation.  We will provide training to our Support Coordination Organizations on ways to utilize the LifeCourse Tools and support families and individuals across all life spans.  We have seen an increase in the number of families and individuals being introduced to Charting the LifeCourse and hope to continue this trend.  Provider agencies started to express interest in the LifeCourse Tools as well.  We will continue to train all interested parties on Charting the LifeCourse. 

AE/SCO/Provider/DHS/Broad Community Partners Represented within Collaborative:

Carbon-Monroe-Pike AE, Carbon-Monroe-Pike SCO, Stroudsburg School District, PA Family Network, 4 family members, HCQU, Intermediate Units, and staff from Carbon-Monroe-Pike's Mental Health Department.