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Delaware County - Chester/Delaware/Bucks/Montgomery/Philadelphia Collaborative 

Contact Information

Susan Proulx, Deputy Administrator,                              

Eileen MacDonald, Advocacy,

Website/social media links

Delaware Collaborative Website

Communication and Meetings Structure

Try to meet about once every 2 months.  Most meet in person but others can join by phone.  Minutes are taken.

Goals, next steps or actions plans

1. Family Engagement/Survey of Family Training Needs – We have developed a survey and cover letter that we plan to send out to families in the participant driven services program to see what information they need.  We will then plan and execute a series of remote workshops.

2. Intake - We have been sharing LifeCourse information with families at intake (the LifeCourse Portfolio and Life Trajectory Worksheet), and the STAR is used with youth with Autism, ages 21 to 24.  The STAR was used with one youth this fall.  We need to expand the age range for the use of the STAR. 

3. SCO Use of LifeCourse –We need to get a more accurate assessment on how the SCOs may be using the LifeCourse tools.  There may be circumstances of use of the LifeCourse Tools that we are not aware of.  We will add collection of this data to the agenda at our next Delco SCO Meeting in January. 

4. Website – We need to update our website on a more regular basis to make it more relevant. 

AE/SCO/Provider/DHS/Broad Community Partners Represented within Collaborative:

Delaware county Office of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities; parents;  We expanded our stakeholder composition in the past year to include two parents and the administrator of the County’s Early Intervention Program.