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Adams County - Franklin/Fulton/York/Adams Collaborative

Contact Information

Carey Freeman, PA Family Network Advisor,

Diane Yohn, AE Program Specialist,

Communication and Meetings Structure

Stakeholder meetings held quarterly.  Franklin/Fulton has work groups that meet separately.  York/ Adams also meets separately to work on their goals. 

Goals, next steps or actions plans

Franklin/ Fulton has 4 Work Groups that meet separately. 

· Front porch project has developed some resource sheets that can be accessed through our Information and Referral during COVID and Information and Referral is working on database with IT to be able to access from the web. The group continues to move to a one stop shop for all of the Human Services.

· Family Engagement is working the PA Family Network to continue virtual workshops and publish throughout the county.  After the pandemic, workshops will start in the Franklin/ Fulton Area. 

· The SCO is still using Lifecourse Tool during Annual Planning meetings.  The Collaborative supports the SC supervisors in their goals with the Lifecourse tools.

· Employment Committee is planning a virtual transition fair with local school districts.  This is not a separate work group but one of our members sit on the Transition Council who are working on employment.  The Collaborative supports this Council.  York/ Adams and Franklin are part of this Transition Council.

AE/SCO/Provider/DHS/Broad Community Partners Represented within Collaborative:

ODP, Information and Referral/ 211/ LINK, 2 providers, SCO, Fulton County Family Partnership, ASERT, Franklin/ Fulton MH, Franklin/ Fulton EI, CASSP, Franklin County Aging (open), MH/IDD/EI Advisory Board Member, IM4Q local program member (open), PA Family Network, Family members (1), York/ Adams representatives (AE and SCO).  We are recruiting for individuals and families at this time also as many of our partners have left their positions.