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Communication and Meetings Structure

Our Mission Statement is to be aligned per the Everyday Lives booklet.  We are seeking nothing less than a life surrounded by the richness and diversity of community—a collective life, a common life, an everyday life.

 With the restructure process, the local Mission Statement is reviewed in the beginning of each of the Collaborative meetings.  This is to remind current members what we are all about as well as to inform new members of the Mission.  This ensures continuity in the understanding of the focus of the Collaborative. 

The importance of having a Vision Statement which uses the LifeCourse Framework was discussed at the August 2021 Collaborative Meeting.  Members revisited Luzerne-Wyoming Counties Vision to “Reach More Families and Identify More Resources to Families." 

Goals, next steps or actions plans for this year?

The Collaborative discussed the importance of revisiting its current Trajectory/Vision which was “To Reach More Families.”  Discussion occurred at the August 2021 meeting regarding changing the name of the Collaborative to: Luzerne-Wyoming Family First Initiative. This was done in order to clearly communicate the vision.   The Collaborative plans to complete a new trajectory and Integrated Star during the next meeting in order to assist the group in establishing communication with families through Facebook. 

AE/SCO/Provider/DHS/Broad Community Partners Represented within Collaborative:

Collaborative community representation has been enhanced by inviting members of the community.