Positive Approaches Journal | 5

Positive Approaches Journal - Volume 2 Title

Volume 9 ► Issue 3 ► 2020


Data is all around us and the ways we use data have an important impact on how our world is changing. In this issue of Positive Approaches, we bring you a wide array of approaches to how people are thinking about, using, and displaying data. Woven into each article are tools to help you find data sources, use data, and interpret data in new ways.

We have engaged authors who are experts in coding data, on-the-ground clinical practice, and in policy to display the different ways people are thinking about and using data. Sometimes new ideas about data can come from sources that are well outside your specific area of expertise or interest and being open to adapt approaches in new ways is innovative and can bring new advancement to the table.

Pushing boundaries is critical to ensuring we are moving toward best practice for the individuals we all strive to support and serve. The articles included in this issue aim to spark new approaches to data as well as provide the resources needed to execute your own data analysis.

— Lindsay Shea, MS, DrPH and Kate Verstreate, MPH