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Mission Statement: To improve lives by increasing capacity to provide supports and services to individuals with mental health and behavioral challenges, intellectual disabilities, autism and other developmental disabilities, using the guiding principles of Everyday Lives and the Recovery Movement. Through case studies, articles, interviews, and related academic sources, Positive Approaches Journal will strive to feature resources, observations, and advancements that are relevant and timely to professionals and supporters.

- Foreword by Deputy Secretary Kristin Ahrens and Deputy Secretary Kristen Houser -

- Editorial Board -

Stacy L. Nonnemacher, Ph.D.
Editor In Chief
Clinical Director
Office of Developmental Programs

Amy Alford, M.Ed., BCBA
Senior Clinical Consultant
Office of Developmental Programs

George Bell IV, MA
Clinical Director
Office of Developmental Programs

Gregory Cherpes, MD
Medical Director
Office of Developmental Programs

Crystal Doyle
Human Services Program Representative
Office of Mental Health & Substance Abuse Services

Angela Harris, MSW
Chief Social Rehabilitation Executive
Office of Mental Health & Substance Abuse Services

David Knauss
Retired Human Services Program Specialist
Office of Long Term Living

Hope Pesner
Human Services Program Analyst
Office of Developmental Programs

Mark Salzer, Ph.D.
Professor & Director
Temple University

Lindsay Shea, MS, DrPH
Analytics Oversight
Office of Developmental Programs

Marlinda Smith, LCSW
Dual Diagnosis Initiative Project Lead
Office of Developmental Programs

Pamela Treadway, M.Ed.
Senior Clinical Consultant
Office of Developmental Programs

Kaitlin Koffer Miller, MPH
Eastern Regional Director
ASERT Collaborative

Volume 10 ► Issue 4 ► February 2022 :
Embracing Behavioral Supports and Meaningful Applications

Volume 10 ► Issue 3 ► November 2021 : Beyond Silos:
Highlighting Multisystem Approaches in Pennsylvania

Volume 10 ► Issue 2 ► August 2021 : Supporting and Informing Paths to Transition

Volume 10 ► Issue 1 ► May 2021 : Sexuality and Social Connectedness Part 2

Volume 9 ► Issue 4 ► 2021 : Sexuality and Social Connectedness Part 1

Volume 9 ► Issue 3 ► 2020 : The Data Issue

Volume 9 ► Issue 2 ► 2020 : Are we listening?
The Challenges and Opportunities in Communication

Volume 9 ► Issue 1 ► 2020 : Navigating the Justice System:
Considerations, Best Practices, and Points to Ponder

Volume 8 ► Issue 4 ► 2020 : Maximizing Resources

Volume 8 ► Issue 3 ► 2019 : Rights, Risks, and Restrictions

Volume 8 ► Issue 2 ► 2019 : Meaningful Community Engagement

Volume 8 ► Issue 1 ► 2019 : The Art and Science of Support

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