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Positive Approaches Journal - Volume 2 Title

Volume 10 ► Issue 2 ► August 2021

Supporting and Informing Paths to Transition


In writing this introduction on the journal’s focus on transition, I marveled at how individuals, families, and health systems have encountered and faced many changes to processes and strategies, especially in response to COVID-19. Transition is the process of moving successfully from the old to the new or adapting to a new situation that can happen quickly or slowly. COVID-19 has made us focus on the importance of transition and of the “here and now” of the integration of community systems.

There are many questions that individuals, families, advocates, and community systems consider with transitions, and the answers often include specific processes, strategies, and community systems.

In this journal, I hope you will consider these questions:

- What are the various roles that facilitate change for people and communities before, during, and at the completion of transition?

In what ways should those roles contribute to the promotion of well-being throughout transition?

Transitions can be supported by research, and experience provides a framework for application in practice, guidelines, and research. As a result, defined models of care are developed and cultivated with the integration of systems of care for such outcomes as quality of life, sense of well-being, and healing. Reading of this issue will provide you with knowledge to the ongoing research, the provision of expertise and skills, and strategies for healthy transition processes and outcomes.

—Marlinda Smith, LCSW, Dual Diagnosis Initiative Project Lead

Department of Human Services, Office of Developmental Programs (ODP)