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Positive Approaches Journal - Volume 2 Title

Volume 12 ► Issue 4 ► February 2024

Mindful Aging: Let's Start the Conversation


This issue of the Positive Approaches Journal focuses on the aging process in those with Intellectual Disabilities and Autism (IDA) and mental health. Pennsylvania has seen significant growth in their older adult population, and this trend certainly applies to those with IDA and mental health. Aging is an opportunity and a challenge for everyone, and several aspects of the process have unique manifestations in the IDA and mental health populations.

The articles presented in this issue of the Positive Approaches journal offer insight and expertise into several aspects of the issues that Pennsylvania’s aging population is confronting. Discussion on such key topics as dementia, social isolation, mental health and substance abuse, and the Pennsylvania Master Plan on Aging, are addressed.

It is hoped that the expertise presented in this issue of the Positive Approaches journal will allow the reader to gain significant knowledge of the status of those who are aging and have IDA and mental health.  This knowledge can enhance the approach to the work they do to assist some of Pennsylvania’s most vulnerable citizens.

Lawrence D. Appel MD, SFHM, Medical Director
Office of Long-Term Living
Department of Human Services